Tanuki 275 Prototypes

Aug 16, 2016, One will be chosen. This prototypes have been sending out for almost 30 testers.

The Elusive Golden Trouts

  August 5, 2016, As long as you can handle 10,500′ (3.2 km) elevation and you love fishing trouts, there is nothing to stop trying to catch some of these gorgeous fish. It is a very easy hike to reach to golden trout water (only 2 mile hike). There are plenty …

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Getting Ready for the Golden Trout Hunt

  August 3, 2016, I am planning to join Jud McKee in the camping trip above Lone Pine, California. I am training by hiking 3, 4 miles on the El Sobrante hill ridge near me.

Journey to Oni Tenkara Fishing School #2

  July 4, 2016, Happy Fourth, everyone! We camped in Thomas Canyon Campground last night. This morning we were greeted with this view! More fishing here then we’ll drive to Utah later today.

Journey to Oni Tenkara Fishing School in Utah #1

  July 3, 2016, Gotcha! You are my first fish on this trip! Jud and I are on our way to Oni Tenkara Fishing School in Utah. We got started after lunch yesterday. We camped around Elko, Nevada, last night. We immediately started fishing after four hours of sleep this …

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Tanuki 275 Prototype Tests and Reviews

  June 30, 2016, I am asking a few fishers to test and review the prototype for Tanuki 275 right now. While the prototypes are being tested today, I am kind of anxious about the reviews that are coming. I tied some flies to release the anxiety and hope fish will accept …

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Tanuki 375 Vertical Bend Test for Tenkara Rod

  Nov 2015, Vertical bend of tenkara rods is very important for some good reasons: 1. Most of the time a tenkara fisher lands fish with a tenkara rod on a vertical position and grabs the line with another hand. This is the weakest rod position. 2. The lifting power of the …

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