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What is Tenkara Rod?

They are rods used for tenkara fishing practiced in the mountain streams in Japan for hundreds of years. Primarily made of bamboo and horse hair, they have evolved to be used for sport fishing in the U.S., the Alps in Europe and other regions in the world. Modern tenkara rods are made using updated materials like carbon fiber, cork, foam, etc. Quite often the body of the modern rod is telescopic to accommodate the distance between the fisher and the fish, also for the ease of carrying.
You can choose rod length depending on the width of the stream. You can use rods 3.0 m around the headwaters, and 3.6m to 4.5m for the open water. The most used standard length is 3.3m.

What line should I use?

We highly recommend the use of level lines because they are more flexible and you can easily change the length. It may take some practice and patience to get used to it, but don’t worry. Casting fluorocarbon level with Tanuki is easy.
Whatever lines you use, the lines are the same length as the rods, unless you are aiming at a fish far away.

Level lines
1. Monofilament is most economical level line, it is a lightest line compares with others. It is a little to cast with because the energy does not transfer well from one end to other due to its softness. It is for small dry fly and short rod in calm day.
2. Fluorcarbon is  the most popular lines for tenkara rod today.  Fluorocarbon line is heavy, stiffer and easier to cast  compares  to nylon monofilament. It is sank faster.
3.  PVC level lines very easier to cast with and it is good to use for a windy day.
4. PVC sinking line, good for windy day.

Furled Tapered lines are heavier than level line, easier to cast then fluorocarbon level line. It is harder to keep furled line of water.
1. Horse tail hair was twined together to form a tapered line until synthetic fiber was developed. It is easier to cast the kebari, but it is harder to keep the line off the water.
2. Monofilament is lightest of all.
3. Fluorcarbon is heavier than Monofilament.
4. Uni-Thread is cotton line, heavier (when it is soaked with water) and softer the other line. 

What rod do you recommend for the fist timers?

Depending on the water you fish at, you may want to use different rods. But we think Tanuki 375 should cover most of the situations you encounter in the mountain streams. It is between 360cm (11′-10″) and 400cm (13″) and covers the radius of 360cm (11′-10″) and more.

What fly should I use?

Tenkara flies are called ‘kebari’. Kebari is very similar to flies for fly fishing, but tend to be simpler. Or it can be use with any fly fishing flies

What is your Warranty and Repair ?

Warranty: Although we make sure that every rod is perfect for your use, you may find occasional imperfections. We warrantee our rods for 1 month from your purchase date for exchange with a new rod and free shipping (USA only).
Repair: With Tanuki rods, no repair is needed. You just order and replace the damaged section. We make it easy for you.


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