The Elusive Golden Trouts

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August 5, 2016,
As long as you can handle 10,500′ (3.2 km) elevation and you love fishing trouts, there is nothing to stop trying to catch some of these gorgeous fish. It is a very easy hike to reach to golden trout water (only 2 mile hike). There are plenty of golden trout fishers there just for a day.
So after training myself for a couple of months or so by hiking in Berkeley and El Sobrante hills, CA, I was ready for the high altitude challenge of golden trout fishing.
I brought out the backpack I haven’t used for 15 years. 15 mile hike in the golden trout wilderness gave me blisters on my feet and I ended up with high altitude sickness. The pounding headache was so bad I don’t know how I got back to trail head. But just take a look at the most beautiful golden trouts. It was really worth it.

Tenkara Fishing Golden TroutsGolden Trout Country


The Entrance to the Golden Trout Trail

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